Safe gambling in Sweden in 2022

Безопасный гэмблинг в Швеции в 2022 году

The provision of gambling services in Sweden, starting from 2019, is carried out in accordance with permits. The casino needs to obtain a special license from the Regulator.

The country’s government has somewhat relaxed the requirements by lowering the monthly deposit limit and the maximum rate. But in 2022, Sweden tightened the legal regulations for the iGaming industry. The Ministry of Finance of the Scandinavian country has come up with a number of initiatives related to the security of using online casinos. The software provided by all game providers must be licensed. The legislative changes will come into effect in early 2023.

Safe gambling in Sweden in 2022

Tighter controls on casino advertising in Sweden

The Swedish government intends to fight illegal casinos by banning propaganda of gambling establishments.

In addition, the Ministry of Finance wants online games to be presented correctly in the information field. The message of the regulator is as follows: “Earlier, slots were regarded as a way of entertainment. But today, especially to the younger generation, it is necessary to convey the information that along with the launch of the reels, there is a risk of losing your bet.”

Safe gambling in Sweden in 2022

It is also planned to charge for direct marketing, for example, an e-mail newsletter with an offer to follow a link to a casino and make a spin.

The Government’s initiative regarding the moderation of gambling advertising was supported by the Regulator Spelinspektionen and the Secretary General of the Swedish Online Gambling Association Gustav Hoffstedt.

Note that many legal casinos expressed their concerns about the decisions of the authorities. They believe that only illegal clubs should be banned from advertising, and honest operators have the right to inform the public about their existence.

How has the gambling industry developed in Sweden?

With the legalization of online gambling establishments in Sweden, a maximum deposit of 5,000 crowns was introduced. Later, the country’s government planned to lower the restrictions to 4,000 SEK. Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the limits were not lifted. They also planned to block all operators of gambling services operating illegally.

Safe gambling in Sweden in 2022

There are several types of licenses in Sweden:

  • to make a bet;
  • gambling on ships in neutral waters;
  • gambling in the public sector;
  • for the state apparatus.

Svenska Spel is a major monopoly in the field of gambling services, with more than 2,000 employees. The operator controls 53% of the country’s domestic market.

It is believed that online gambling is one of the most popular types of entertainment in Sweden. That is why the state authorities are concerned about the safety of personal and financial data of online casino customers.

When registering on the Swedish gambling platform, you need to provide the following data:

  • Name;
  • place of residence;
  • personal account;
  • social security number;
  • The amount that the player plans to spend in the casino.

To date, all legal operators keep personal data in strict confidence. They use them to make transactions, generate reports, send out individual offers.

The cost of a license in Sweden is extremely high – 400,000 crowns. It is allowed to obtain a general license for a virtual club and betting activities.



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