Development of the gambling industry in 2022

Развитие гэмблинг-индустрии в 2022

Despite the economic, sanitary-epidemiological and political difficulties that have hit the gambling industry since the beginning of 2022, the iGaming world continues to develop. A special role is given to new technologies for playing games and creating software, improving the quality of service and ensuring security at the level of many states.

Trends in the world of iGaming in the CIS countries

The sphere of online gambling business in the CIS countries is developing at a high pace, since the market has not yet been saturated with gambling services. The reinforcing effects in the successful implementation of online casino plans are:

  1. Advertising
  2. Legalization of gambling.
  3. Cryptocurrency penetration.
  4. The emergence of VR and AR games.

Online casino advertising appears while watching movies, in the press, on radio and on the web. Club promoters attract celebrities to it. Sports stars, commentators, coaches and many other prominent personalities often become casino ambassadors. Streaming services, information portals and social networks are successfully involved in advertising campaigns as part of partnership programs.


The legalization of the gambling industry, according to the UN, is inevitable. Gambling establishments need to be brought out of the shadows in order to fill the budgets of states. For example, in 2021 in Ukraine, many online casinos received permits by paying from UAH 23 to 100 million to the state treasury. taxes. In addition, they began to act as tax agents, transferring the tax on winnings, which is 18%, to the budget for gamblers.

Development of the gambling industry in 2022

Gambling market analysts are confident that the emergence of cryptocurrency in the field of cashless casino payments will ensure the security of transactions and the anonymity of the transfer. And it is no coincidence that many gambling service operators include bitcoins in the list of deposit and withdrawal methods.

VR and AR technologies implemented in software by some manufacturers are able to attract customers. Many modern people tend to experience various innovations for themselves. Why not try the exciting Gonzo’s Quest VR slot or Hot Gems emulator? Unforgettable impressions from what you see are guaranteed!

Development of the gambling industry in 2022

iGaming in Peru, Brazil, Kyrgyzstan

Peru, with a population of 30 million, is considered the rising star of the Latin American gaming market. Until recently, the online casino market was not regulated in this state, although Peruvians were not forbidden to gamble. World-famous providers and international gambling sites are always wary of such gray areas, because it is not clear to them whether the authorities will legalize the gambling business or allow it to go into the shadows.

In 2022, Peruvian statesmen announced that they were giving the green light to the gambling market. It is enshrined at the legislative level that winnings from sports betting will be subject to a 20% tax, and online casinos will fall under the regulation of the Ministry of Tourism.

In Brazil, since the beginning of 2022, betting services have been legalized. Now bookmakers can work legally by paying a license in the amount of 4.4 million dollars. Foreign operators wishing to enter the market must establish a subsidiary and obtain permits. They are also required to confirm the availability of capital required to cover the bets. Another condition is that the advertisement must indicate that adults are allowed to play, and that gambling is not a reliable way to earn money.

In Kyrgyzstan, casinos and bookmakers were banned until 2022. Initially, the country’s government decided to legalize the market only in the resort area of ​​the Issyk-Kul region. But in the course of the adoption of the bill, the territory of legalization was expanded to the area of ​​the entire state. The government’s goal was to attract as much foreign investment as possible.

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